Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly Ways to Affording Gum

Need gum funds? Work for Personalized Search Engines
These are websites where the user gets personalized answers to his questions. You, as an employee, is paid for every user question that you personally research and answer. The average rate is 10 cents per question that you must research, and 5 cents per question that you simply pull out of their library of answers. Again, don’t expect any substantial income doing this, although an hour or two a night can really add up. While it’s not too difficult to become hired by these companies, you will have to be able to use Google reasonably well to find information.
List of Q&A Search Engines:
Here are some misc. websites you may want to check out for even more money opportunities:
Play games for cash! I highly suggest you only try this website if you consider yourself a good gamer, however. You get paid lots of money if you achieve the highest score on their games, but most players will come away with a loss. There is an entry fee to the site, so be wary. People have also been known to cheat on the games using bots.

Personally, I've never done this. 


  1. HUGE fan of chacha, but I have T Mobile. They killed chacha on their network, so I don't get to play anymore.

    KGB used to be a 411 company, and they helped google design their search engines. They know their shit...

  2. thanks for sharing this, i didnt know about these

  3. The Q&A idea seem quite interesting, depending on how deep the questions are there could be some money in that.

  4. you have to answer alot of questions to make this worthy

  5. I've used these guys for a long time.

  6. Or, you can get a part-time job working at a store and get 1000x the income in much less time.

  7. KGB looks quite promising, hope to look into it further.
    Thanks for the site info.
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